Concierge Solutions that Simplify your life in the Bahamas

Buddy Olen Export’s takes the concept of luxury concierge services to a new level for individuals and businesses in the Bahamas. We are the comprehensive, client focused concierge solution that simplifies your life in the Bahamas making it more beautiful and stress free than it already is. Trust Buddy Olen Exports to deliver exceptional services ranging from the seemingly impossible to the incidental.

With over 30 years’ experience in the Bahamas developing residential projects, air strips, marinas, yacht management, construction management and other enterprises, “Buddy” Olen a legal Bahamian residents by virtue of his investments and developments, has intimate understanding of governmental protocols and has established an expansive and diverse network of local and international resources capable of delivering an impressive array of personal and business services.

Convenient Luxury Concierge Services

Superior client attention is the defining characteristic of our approach to private client services. If you need a turnkey developer for an executive estate project, a gourmet dinner for 60, a set (or more) of Pratesi linen delivered to your door or if your air conditioner needs an emergency repair a single call or email to the logistics professionals at Buddy Olen Exports can make it happen  quickly and discreetly.

Essentially if there is something you need to make your Bahamian lifestyle more enjoyable or your business more efficient and profitable, Buddy Olen Exports can provide it. Estate owners and guests, local contractors, property managers, personal assistants, architectural services and international visitors have all benefited from the services we provide.