The very things that attracted you to live the Bahamas luxury lifestyle can be the things that encumber your preferred way of living. The gorgeous tropical winter weather, the natural beauty unspoiled by overdevelopment, the privacy, the beaches and the exclusivity offered by the islands also impedes access to and delivery of all those things that make a life of luxury…well luxurious.

Almost everything required for modern life in the Bahamas needs to be imported and those items run the gamut from gourmet foods, to upscale furnishings, to high-end electronics to a keg of nails. Finding a reliable source for all the goods and services that you require is a different, and often time a difficult experience in an island environment. Spending time shopping for life’s luxuries and essentials is probably not what you had planned on when you invested in the Bahamas.

Concierge Service Providing Resources, Reliability and Reputation

If you look you will find several concierge organizations operating in the Bahamas but most are limited to traditional services such as making travel arrangements, securing last minute reservations and personal shopping. At Windridge Olen Exports we offer those services but they barely scratch the surface of what our clients need, want and get from us.

We provide single source concierge services for all aspects of life in the Bahamas. If you are building a new residence, constructing an airstrip, redecorating, need emergency service for your air conditioning or reservations for eight at Café Matisse a single call or email to Windridge Olen Exports and gets it done. We provide services to a limited number of clients and our objective is to simplify your life in the Bahamas. You want it; we will find it and deliver it.

Our 25 years of doing business in the Bahamas plus our other enterprises has allowed us to develop strong relationships and a diverse international network of resources for both goods and services. We have an intimate knowledge of the import process and both local and national political protocols.

Make your life easy. Spend your time really living the life of luxury in the Bahamas. Call us today for details.

Buddy is an entrepreneur extraordinaire, adventurer and explorer who has a talent for taking those varied experiences and translating them into a variety of successful enterprises. As a partner in Windridge Olen Exports, Buddy can provide the talent and materials you need for any project and acquire anything you want when you need it.