Palm Beach Beam InspectionIf your dream home in Palm Beach has wood beams you need to take the time to inspect them yourself or hire a professional home inspector to do it. Given the heat, humidity, moisture and UV exposure that Palm Beach summers are famous for, your wooden beams, or any piece of wood for that matter, is subject to wood rot.

If beams are compromised by rot there could be serious structural issues. Other wood parts that could be at risk for rot are exterior doors and frames, wood windows and frames, wood flooring in bathrooms or any place where wood comes in contact with moisture or UV rays.

Here’s a tip from an experienced home inspection professional. If you find rot in one class of component like a beam or a door, you are likely to find the same type of damage in other identical components.

Upscale Palm Beach Homes are Not Immune from Construction Shortcuts

You would think that a million dollar residence would be constructed by skilled craftsmen and the best suppliers. The truth is that homes that large may have a hundred different contractors and vendors involved and after their work is done on your home their next project may be a $200,000 track home…the pay is the same.

Every contractor has shortcuts that can save either time or expense and one that can easily go unnoticed are wood components that have not been properly sealed or painted to protect them from the heat and elements.

Where you will frequently find rot in beams is at the exposed rough cut ends or where two rough cut ends are joined together. The rest of the beam may be treated but an untreated end is all it takes. With doors and windows it is the tops and bottoms that are often overlooked accidentally or otherwise.

If your inspection does reveal signs of rot you may still be able to restore a beam by using a penetrating epoxy sealer. For trim, windows, frames and doors you will most likely have to replace the affected piece.

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