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Buddy is an entrepreneur extraordinaire, adventurer and explorer who has a talent for taking those varied experiences and translating them into a variety of successful enterprises. As a partner in Windridge Olen Exports, Buddy can provide the talent and materials you need for any project and acquire anything you want when you need it.

Windridge Olen Exports is a luxury import concierge service catering to discerning clients in the Bahamas. The Bahamas are beautiful islands offering privacy and exclusivity to residents who value those characteristics highly however, that exclusiveness and remoteness also means that everything from automobile parts to gourmet foods need to be imported and that can be… Continue reading

Palm Beach’s Top Home Inspector Explains What a Professional Home Inspection Should Encompass If you are considering investing in an upscale residence in the Palm Beach area there is one aspect of the closing process that most buyers give short shrift to and that’s home inspections. Every real estate contract in Palm Beach will have… Continue reading


If you are actively seeking a piece of Fort Lauderdale real estate, roof inspections should be high on your list of "things to do" to ensure you are not buying into an expensive repair project. Given Fort Lauderdale’s torrential summer rains, blustery winds and high humidity, roof leaks are not uncommon despite how well the… Continue reading