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South Florida’s hot, humid, rainy summers make the windows and doors on a Palm Beach house an important first line of defense against the climate outside coming inside and the air conditioned coolness inside escaping to the great outdoors. A residence’s exterior can appear to be absolutely sound but if any of these many "points… Continue reading

When you are ready to close on that luxury Palm Beach property make sure you negotiate a clause that makes the sale contingent on the results of a professional home inspection firm of your choosing. Home inspections are common for almost all real estate transactions but typically they are paid for by the seller and… Continue reading


If you are about to purchase a substantial residence in Fort Lauderdale you should consider investing in a professional home inspection before you close. Home inspections are a common contingency in almost all real estate transactions but they can take on a significant level of importance when a seven figure or more house is involved.… Continue reading

Before you sign a contract on that beautiful luxury home in Palm Beach you should have a professional home inspection performed. What you don’t know can cost you. Oftentimes buyers can become overwhelmed by the "sizzle" of a luxury home. The clean lines, gorgeous façade, excellent landscaping and amazing interior spaces can blind a buyer… Continue reading