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Buddy is an entrepreneur extraordinaire, adventurer and explorer who has a talent for taking those varied experiences and translating them into a variety of successful enterprises. As a partner in Windridge Olen Exports, Buddy can provide the talent and materials you need for any project and acquire anything you want when you need it.

Your island home in the Bahamas represents a significant investment. It doesn’t matter if you are a full time or part time resident the investment in your Bahama residence can be at risk if you allow maintenance issues to go unattended. The Bahamian climate and environment can quickly turn small maintenance problems into major concerns… Continue reading


Construction management is just one of the luxury concierge services we offer in the Bahamas but it is one that can have a significant impact on appreciation retention and of course, your personal comfort. Understanding the challenges that a tropical climate presents to conventional building techniques makes the difference between an estate home that retains… Continue reading

In the Bahamas, using the correct residential construction methods can have a significant impact on your home’s durability, maintenance costs and even the property’s ability to appreciate in value. Over the past 25 years that I have been involved in property development and residential construction in the Bahamas and South Florida, I have seen beautiful… Continue reading


If you are considering a residential project in the Bahamas I’d like to share a simple tip with you that will not only speed up the project’s completion and provide your interior with a superior level of protection from moisture and mold, but is one that is often overlooked by most residential construction companies in… Continue reading


Unlike more temperate locations, the Bahamas offers an environment that can play havoc with your electrical wiring. There are certain steps that you have to take with residential projects in the Bahamas if you want to enjoy your home free from electrical problems. The heat, humidity, salt air and even the insects’ can do damage… Continue reading

We offer luxury concierge services which is another way of saying that we simplify your life in the Bahamas. When you think luxury concierge you probably think in terms of a service that can make all of your social arrangements, find your favorite gourmet foods, provide personal shopping and all of the other traditional concierge… Continue reading


As the cofounder of Windridge Olen Exports I am frequently providing advice on building materials for residential projects in the Bahamas. The Bahamas, the rest of the Caribbean and even South Florida have a tropical climate that with its intense heat, high humidity and torrential rains can quickly do damage to a residence that has… Continue reading


Bahamas Life – When You Need to Simplify Island Living Welcome to life in the Bahamas. It’s an island Paradise but because it is an island nation it comes with its inconveniences and limitations which, if you have lived here for any period of time you probably have already experienced. Bahamas life can become exasperating… Continue reading