When you are ready to close on that luxury Palm Beach property make sure you negotiate a clause that makes the sale contingent on the results of a professional home inspection firm of your choosing. Home inspections are common for almost all real estate transactions but typically they are paid for by the seller and… Continue reading

What Bahamas home inspectors miss in their inspection of a property for sale shouldn’t really be surprising. Home inspectors are not paid to inspect the quality of a home, only that it is built to code, has no obvious safety issues, is structurally sound and that the appliances included in the sale work. That’s it.… Continue reading


The leading cause of restaurant fires is, not surprisingly, cooking. If you talk to an insurance underwriter or a Fire Marshal you will find that one of their principal areas of concern is the exhaust vent over ovens. Many insurance companies and building departments require that restaurants install Ansul fire extinguisher systems covering the exhaust… Continue reading

If your Bahama lifestyle includes ownership of a yacht then you already know that keeping it in shipshape condition is an enterprise unto itself. Yachts are luxury items that fit Bahama island life so perfectly it’s hard to imagine living here without having one. They are the source of great relaxation, make excellent entertainment platforms… Continue reading


As co-founder of Windridge Olen Exports, I wanted to make certain that we used our unique qualifications and experiences providing luxury concierge services in the Bahamas to cover every aspect of a client’s needs from residential, airstrip and marina construction, to personal shopping, to provisioning, to property management and of course one of my specialties,… Continue reading