If your Bahama lifestyle includes ownership of a yacht then you already know that keeping it in shipshape condition is an enterprise unto itself. Yachts are luxury items that fit Bahama island life so perfectly it’s hard to imagine living here without having one. They are the source of great relaxation, make excellent entertainment platforms and in the Bahamas when you need transportation and you are not flying you are boating; why not "boat" in style?

However, just like your residence, your yacht requires a dozen "chores" to keep it appearing and running to your expectations. These tasks are often handed off to the Captain to handle but is that really the best use of his skills and time? Certainly there are maintenance items that you want him personally involved in but what about laundry.

Yes laundry. Think about that for a moment. If you take friends or business associates on an extended cruise you obviously want to provide them with clean deck towels, bed and table linens, a crew dressed in clean uniforms, clean napkins and clean flooring and fixtures.

You may start out your voyage clean but at the end there will be a pile of laundry to deal with before your next outing.

Wouldn’t it be convenient to have someone take care of this chore and be able to do it regardless where you make port? Your Captain would certainly appreciate it.

Concierge Services for Yacht Owners

A full service luxury concierge like Windridge Olen Exports focuses on simplifying life in the Bahamas. We perform all the traditional concierge services but we take it a step further to ensure our clients have a resource to turn to that can provide any service that will enhance their Bahama lifestyle from building substantial residences, to constructing airstrips to doing the yacht’s laundry.

Concierge services for yachts include cleaning (like laundry and decks), provisioning, acquiring the latest in marine safety and communications technology, marina services, scheduled maintenance and overhauls. We can even use our expertise to turn your yacht into a revenue stream by chartering it out when you are not using it.

Having a concierge service for your yacht simplifies life in the Bahamas and that’s our ultimate goal.

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