You live in the Bahamas and you own a yacht. Life is good. If you want to take advantage of everything the Bahamas has to offer there is no better way than cruising in luxury relaxing, fishing, diving, entertaining or whatever suits your fancy.

The incredible beauty and natural resources of the islands of the Bahama have been attracting "boaters" since Blackbeard’s time. Today the deep blue seas, gleaming white beaches, abundant tropical fish and incredible sunsets are enhanced with a rich colonial history, cosmopolitan attractions, casinos and of course amazing private islands…all accessible by yacht.

Your luxury yacht is your magic carpet in the Bahamas and it has plenty of room to share with friends or business associates.

Carefree cruising however requires a significant amount of planning. If you want a truly carefree cruise, one where you and your guests simply board the yacht, contact Windridge Olen Exports for a customized luxury cruise.

Concierge Services that Simplify Luxury Yacht Cruising

Our concierge services for yachts leverages our 40 years of charter yacht management, two plus decades doing business in the Bahamas and our extensive network of suppliers, consultants and government contacts to provide our clients with the ultimate in custom cruise experiences.

The end product is your enjoyment and satisfaction but the elements involved in achieving that result include:

  • Gourmet provisioning that satisfies your chef’s every culinary need including resupplying fresh fish and produce at ports of call.
  • Mooring reservations.
  • Finding the best value for fuel.
  • On board and/or ashore entertainment.
  • Fishing, diving and other water sports equipment for guests.
  • Premium spirits and vintage wines.
  • Private island picnics and entertainment.
  • Last minute ashore arrangements for transportation, dining, lodging, prime tickets for events.
  • Emergency services should there be an operational issue with the yacht, a need for emergency air transportation, issues with local government protocols and more.

At Windridge Olen Exports our ultimate goal for our clients is to simplify all aspects of life in the Bahamas. Time is the one resource you can’t buy and our goal is to free up as much of that time for you to spend on what is important and enjoyable for you.

If you are interested in an ultimate private cruise, give us a call and we can get things moving.

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