Concierge Services that Simplify Yacht Ownership in the Bahamas

Concierge Services for Bahama Yacht Owners

Your yacht is the perfect platform for entertaining, relaxing, fishing or cruising the ports of the Caribbean and you want it available, ready to sail on short notice. With Buddy Olen Export’s concierge service for yacht owners you can rest assured that a single phone call can get your craft provisioned, fueled and ready to sail when you are ready to board.

If you are like most of our clients you thoroughly enjoy your yacht but not the maintenance and planning time that goes with it. In a sense, yachts are very much like floating boutique hotels and like hotels they have to be staffed and equipped to deliver the world class service you are accustomed to.

You don’t want to deal with logistics; you just want to cruise.

We can make that happen.

Carefree Cruising

A single call from you or your assistant can set in motion:

  • Gourmet dining aboard. Our provisioning service can provide your chef with everything he or she needs to work culinary magic from exotic spices to gourmet delicacies to premium wine and spirits and fresh produce and fish. If you plan an extended cruise we will arrange for fresh ingredients to be replenished at the ports you visit. Want to picnic on the beach in style? We can provide tents, tables, chairs, thermal containers and table settings.
  • Onshore accommodations. If the sea is rougher than anticipated or you simply want land under your feet we can make all the arrangements for mooring, transportation, fine dining and accommodations for your party while visiting a port.
  • World class touches. Your guests will experience crisp bed and table linens, freshly laundered deck and bath towels and premium toiletries for their enjoyment.

Expert Yacht Management

With over two decades of yacht management and charter experience Buddy Olen Exports can provide:

  • Access to the latest navigational, safety and communications equipment
  • Full charter management service should you decide to “put your yacht to work” when you are not using it
  • Comprehensive overhaul services
  • Construction of private marina facilities
  • Best value in marine insurance
  • Yacht sales and marketing services

When you want to simplify your use of the yacht you want the experienced professionals at Buddy Olen Exports to manage its provisioning and maintenance. Call us today for a full listing of concierge services for yachts.