Palm Beach Home Buyer Inspection Experts

In most Palm Beach real estate contracts there is a contingency regarding a home inspection. After the buyer and seller have agreed on a price the buyer can have an inspection done on the residence to ensure that there are no repairs required or other issues. If there are problems, the buyer can negotiate with the seller to pay for the repairs or reduce the sales price or simply walk away from the deal.

The home inspection contingency is in place to protect the buyer and ensure there are no surprises after the move in. However, this important inspection is often performed by a person or firm who may have no more qualifications for inspecting a residence other than passing a course given online.

A poorly performed home inspection can cost the buyer thousands of dollars!

Avoid Paying Too Much for Your Palm Beach Home

If you find yourself in the position of closing on your dream home in Palm Beach we urge you to have a professional home inspection performed now to make certain that your new home is worth the dollars you have agreed to pay. Don’t be satisfied with a home inspection report that says the roof doesn’t leak, the plumbing works, there are no obvious safety issues and the home was built to code.

You need to know more…much more.

You need the professional home inspection team from Windridge Olen Exports. Our team is made up of experienced contractors who know all the shortcuts home builders use to save time or money and is led by a pro with decades of experience in building high end real estate and developing residential communities across South Florida and the Bahamas.

You need experts to uncover:

  • Inadequately ventilated roofs that drive up your FPL bill by 20% to 25%.
  • Exterior doors that were not treated on the tops and bottoms and are now rotting.
  • Improperly installed windows allowing moisture to seep into walls.
  • Inadequate drainage causing pooling and flooding.
  • Is that crack in the foundation from settling or something more serious.
  • Blocked vents in the kitchen resulting in both health and fire hazards.

And more.

Our team will pore over your prospective home and deliver a detailed report as to its condition. We will give you an estimate on cost of repairs (if the condition can be repaired) and then offer strategies for negotiating with the seller.

We are not overstating the value of our home inspection. You can save literally thousands of dollars either as direct payment or a reduction in sales price when you can present a comprehensive, professional home inspection report.

Don’t wait. Call us today about your Palm Beach property and set up an appointment for an inspection.