Fort Lauderdale Home Inspection Experts

Professional home inspections are an important buyer’s tool particularly when exploring the Fort Lauderdale luxury home real estate market. When you make a seven-figure investment you want to make certain that the value is worth the investment and an in-depth home inspection is designed to evaluate just that.

Home inspections are a contingency required by most Fort Lauderdale real estate contracts. Unfortunately, most of these inspections are superficial and are often performed by inspectors without the training, experience or motivation to see anything other than code violations and obvious system flaws. Most home inspections will only assure you that the roof won’t leak, the electrical and plumbing systems function and there are no obvious safety issues.

You need to know more. You need to know the quality of the construction, the energy efficiency of the design, hidden problems and maintenance problems that are likely to crop up in the near future. You need to know how much you are going to have to spend to fix existing problems and to budget just to maintain the home month to month.

A professional home inspection from the experts at Windridge Olen Exports can do just that.

Leverage a Home Inspection Report to Reduce a Seller’s Price

We can almost guarantee that most luxury homes in Fort Lauderdale, or anywhere in Southern Florida, have significant problems that can, and do cost owners more than they should be paying. How do we know? The construction of a luxury home can involve over 100 different contractors each of who have their own special time saving short cuts, and each of whom have different levels of construction or installation experience.

We’ve renovated luxury homes both in Florida and the Bahamas and we’ve seen what happens when a mob builds a home. It’s not all the fault of labor though. Architects not familiar with the sub-tropical climate will often make mistakes in design and material specifications that result in excessive energy costs and exteriors that require high maintenance or even replacement. We’re talking potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Our experienced inspectors will ferret out the flaws in the home you want, provide you with a detailed report and estimate of economic impact, and assist you in using that information to negotiate concessions from the seller. Those concessions, be they a discount on the sales price or repairs made at the owner’s expense, can be worth tens of thousands to the buyer.

Find out if the property you are looking at can benefit from a professional home inspection. Don’t wait! Call us today to set up an initial evaluation.