Palm Beach’s Top Home Inspector Explains What a Professional Home Inspection Should Encompass

If you are considering investing in an upscale residence in the Palm Beach area there is one aspect of the closing process that most buyers give short shrift to and that’s home inspections. Every real estate contract in Palm Beach will have a contingency clause that allows the buyer to renegotiate the price or even walk away from a deal based on the report of a home inspector.

Think about that for a moment. When you find a house that you love enough to want to buy, even savvy buyers will be distracted by the design, square footage number of bedrooms and baths, the décor and ambiance that they will assume the basics like the roof, wiring, plumbing, foundation and HVAC are all of the same quality of the other features.

The owner probably believes that as well.

But what you can’t see or understand can cost you thousands of dollars and that’s why you have the right to have a home inspection.

Palm Beach Home Inspectors are not all the Same

If you are present when the home inspection takes place and the realtor shows up with one guy to inspect a residence selling for 7 figures you know you are in trouble. Think about all the systems in a home that require licensed craftsmen to install and maintain. How does a single home inspector possess all the knowledge required to inspect systems that need specialized skill to install?

The answer is that home inspector doesn’t have the knowledge to assess the true health of the residence. In fact his only qualification may be passing an online course in checking for building code violations.

There is a reason why HGTV and other DIY shows are so successful. They show you how to fix problems in your home AFTER you have bought it. There shouldn’t be any problems; they should have been addressed before you closed on the deal.

When I take on a home inspection project I bring:

  • Roof inspector
  • Termite inspector
  • A/C Mechanical inspector
  • Structural inspector
  • Plumbing inspector
  • Electrical inspector

My team ensures you understand just what the condition of the home is before you sign a contract.

You can use our report to negotiate with the owner and can often use it as leverage to significantly reduce the net sales price that you previously agreed to. Pay attention to who is doing the home inspection. Don’t let an unqualified inspector lead you down a path that can ultimately cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

For more information on Palm Beach home inspections feel free to contact me at Windridge Olen Exports.