How to Save Time and Money Shipping to the Bahamas Using a Luxury Concierge Service

Concierge Services BahamasHere you are living in the beautiful Bahamas, wonderful place and wonderful people but you can’t find a lot of things that you need.

So what do you do? You get on a plane and fly to south Florida and then rent a car.  After this expense you’ll find yourself driving around to various places picking up things and then dragging them to a shipper who will charge for his shipping. You then have to fly back to Nassau and wait for the shipment to arrive. You’ll then go to the local broker and pay for the items to be cleared and pay customs, brokerage fees and duty on the shipping and all costs.

Does that whole ordeal sound familiar?

There’s another way.

You can send me a list and I will get the items through my own resources, which are vast and most always better priced. I will buy the things you need transport them to Nassau and have them cleared with absolutely no broker fees at all.  I charge a small percentage of the cost far below what you would pay in time, brokerage fees, shipping fees and all the other headaches.  I buy, transport, clear and deliver to Nassau and can do it in 2 days if need be.  I have also had emergencies, which I deliver the same day. What better way to get what you want at a price you can now really like to pay?

I’m an expert in Bahamian government protocols, permits and customs. I’ve been doing business in the Bahamas for over a quarter century now and can expedite the often confusing and sometimes frustrating challenges that may confront international visitors and businesses alike.

If you are looking for luxury concierge services in the Bahamas call today 954-658-6502.

Buddy is an entrepreneur extraordinaire, adventurer and explorer who has a talent for taking those varied experiences and translating them into a variety of successful enterprises. As a partner in Windridge Olen Exports, Buddy can provide the talent and materials you need for any project and acquire anything you want when you need it.