Private Client Services

Life in the Bahamas can be Paradise. Living in a substantial residence on a private island or an exclusive residential community is one of life’s rewards enjoyed by very few. But life comes with distractions and demands on time. When you are in a position to acquire anything you want, the challenge is not finding the resources it’s knowing where to locate the item or service and acquire it quickly with a minimum of hassle.

Simplifying Life in the Bahamas

At Windridge Olen Export we go far beyond the traditional luxury concierge services of providing gourmet provisions, dinner reservations at exclusive restaurants, arranging charter flights, personal shopping, catering services and other day to day personal requirements. There is another side of your life in the Bahamas and that side can be far more complex and time consuming.

Perhaps you have a yacht or aircraft that needs maintenance, or a need for construction of marina facilities or an airstrip, or maybe you are considering the construction of new guest homes on your estate. Thanks to over a quarter century of experience doing business in the Bahamas, Windridge Olen Export is in a unique position to not only provide the talent and materials for these types of projects but our intimate knowledge of national and local governmental protocols can expedite the process.

When Convenience and Quality are Paramount

In a sense our “concierge” business is holistic in nature. Our “private client services” approach results in a comprehensive understanding of our client’s standards, concerns and needs.

Because we work with our clients on complex projects such as construction management, residential construction, yacht management, airstrip construction and other non-traditional concierge services we gain an appreciation for our client’s lifestyle and preferences. That knowledge allows us to deliver goods and services precisely as the client wants them. There’s no guessing, no time wasted on returns; your request is handled exactly as you want it.

We are the “one call” resource that can truly simplify every aspect of your life in the Bahamas.