If you are about to purchase a substantial residence in Fort Lauderdale you should consider investing in a professional home inspection before you close. Home inspections are a common contingency in almost all real estate transactions but they can take on a significant level of importance when a seven figure or more house is involved.

The home inspection contingency essentially allows the buyer to back out of the deal if there are significant defects in the property revealed as a result of the inspection. This is seen as protection for the buyer but there’s a hitch. The home inspector is selected by, and paid for, the seller. While nobody is implying that the inspector is in the seller’s "pocket", the seller most likely will select the least expensive service to perform the inspection.

Some home inspectors are true professionals but the majority in the industry have limited construction experience and many have no more than an online course under their belt before they sell their services. At best they are generalists and apply the same "inspection skillset" to a $300,000 home as they do to a $2,000,000 estate.

The result is a superficial inspection that can report on the condition of the roof, electrical and plumbing systems, code violations and obvious safety concerns. When you are investing the kind of money you’re thinking about you need to know more than that.

A Professional Home Inspection Can Save Significant Money

A professional home inspection firm will deploy more than a single generalist. Professional inspectors have specific areas of expertise and significant real life experience. The fact is, in a substantial residence there may have been 100 or more contractors and vendors involved in the construction. Each of those contractors have their favorite time saving shortcuts that can affect the overall quality of construction.

A professional team will spot the shortcuts and can make a credible evaluation of the overall quality of construction. They can identify flaws that need repair now and conditions that will need attention in the near term.

In Fort Lauderdale, energy efficiency is a huge area of interest because of our tropical climate. In nearly every substantial home in Fort Lauderdale there is one simple, inexpensive fix that can reduce the FPL bill by 20% and extend the service life of the air conditioner(s). A routine home inspector won’t see it because he doesn’t know about it.
So what’s the value of hiring your own inspection firm? There undoubtedly be issues the homeowner isn’t even aware of. You can use these issues to leverage the price or have repairs made. At a minimum you’ll know what it’s going to cost to live in the home and what maintenance issues are pending.

Depending on your skill as a negotiator, you can ensure that the price you pay is buying full value!

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