If you are buying or selling a substantial residence in Miami you can benefit from a professional home inspection of the property.

For Sellers in Miami

In almost every residential transaction, particularly homes of 3,000 to 4,000 square feet, sellers tend to be blind when it comes to deficiencies in the home that will be spotted by today’s more sophisticated buyers.

Cracks, dry rot and other flaws don’t occur overnight. After years of living in the residence, homeowners may not notice these details until somebody else points them out. Unfortunately, that someone else often turns out to be prospective home buyers. This can result in a perception by the buyer that the owner has overpriced his home and that its actual value is something less than a fair market value. Perceptions can drive price.

A seller can eliminate this situation by having a professional house inspection performed to determine what deficiencies his home may have that can be viewed by a buyer as price breakers. A seller can then repair the deficiencies or lower the asking price to take the issues off the table when negotiating a final price.

For Buyers in Miami

For buyers the value of having an experienced professional house inspector conduct a survey is obvious. The house inspector that the seller will employ to provide you with a report on the condition of the property is neither trained nor interested in the quality of construction or an in-depth inspection. The house inspector will ensure that the house is built to code, the plumbing and electrical systems work. The roof doesn’t leak and there are no obvious safety concerns.

What he won’t find is the rot that has formed at the bottom of untreated exterior doorframes because it’s painted over. What you will be buying is a beautiful door supported by a wood frame that is rotting out at its base. Unfortunately untreated wood in contact with the ground is not uncommon in Miami.

The home inspector will also not mention that the temperature in the attic, where your air condition ductwork is, is 1400 causing your air conditioner to work much harder than it has to because the roof is inadequately vented.

Using an inspection team from Windridge Olen Exports puts decades of building experience on your side. You will receive a report that details the exact health of the property, which can then be used to leverage price negotiations.

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