Professional Home Inspections in Miami for Buyers and Sellers

If you are considering entering the upscale Miami real estate market, either as a buyer or seller, you can benefit from the services of a professional home inspection service particularly if the real estate you are interested in is a substantial residence. As a seller you want the best price. As a buyer you want the best value. A professional home inspection by Windridge Olen Exports can assist both parties in achieving their goals.

Miami is home to hundreds of beautiful estates and when they come onto the market it is normally for 7 or 8 figure price. One would think homes in this price range would be luxurious and in pristine condition. The truth is these homes are heavy on luxury but virtually all of them have structural, design, or construction flaws that detract from the true value of the home.

The Difference Between a Miami "Home Inspector" and a Professional Home Inspection

If you are considering putting your residence up for sale, or you want a fair assessment of the condition of your home you’ll probably turn to a "home inspector." This person will be concerned with the house being built to code, the electrical and plumbing systems working, the roof not leaking and no obvious safety hazards.

That’s nice but it doesn’t begin to address the real health of your home or uncover the flaws in construction or energy efficiency.

If you are considering buying one of these Miami mansions and you rely on a home inspection provided by the buyer, you’ll pay too much.

A professional home inspection will look at the quality and efficiency of the construction. Without even seeing a substantial home in Miami we can almost guarantee a 20% reduction in energy use with one simple fix. Given the climate, it’s unlikely that any home that is older than 2 years is completely rot free…but you have to know where to look.

These are issues and areas that a traditional home inspector will not address. When you get a report from a home inspector, you’ll know if your roof leaks or not. When we sit down with you and discuss our inspection you’ll learn how to save thousands on energy and where and what you need to repair now to prevent a larger problem later on.

We’ve done these inspections for celebrities, CEOs, sports figures and other notables both in south Florida and the Bahamas and we can do the same thing for you. Learn the real health of your real estate investment by giving us a call today!