Professional Home Inspections in Palm Beach for Buyers and Owners of Luxury Homes

If you are looking for a luxury home in Palm Beach or you own a luxury home in Palm Beach you can benefit from the professional house inspection services provided by Windridge Olen Exports.

If you are looking to buy are you really going to accept the "home inspection" report provided by the buyer as the real condition of the residence? You’ll know if the roof leaks or not, if the electrical and plumbing systems are in order and that the house is built to code but that’s it.

The typical home inspection does not address the quality of construction or efficiency of design. That lovely multi-million dollar Palm Beach home will almost certainly generate a higher energy bill than required because of one little design flaw that many Florida builders miss or ignore. We can almost guarantee that if your dream house has exterior doorframes made of wood that they have rot that is not visible to the eye but which is just as destructive.

Is this what you expect from a home you are going to make a major investment in?

For owners of Palm Beach luxury homes, do you really know the health of your residence? When you get your FPL bill do you wonder if it would be cheaper to build your own power generating station? Do you know why the grout on your beautiful tiled patio keeps cracking and falling out? Do you wonder why the fascia is starting to warp?

What You Don’t Know Can Cost You

Just because a home is priced in the millions does not mean that all the contractors and materials used in its construction were any more talented than those used to build $250,000 residences. On substantial properties of 4,000 square feet or more, there may have been over 100 contractors and vendors involved in the construction or equipping the residence and each of those have their favorite shortcuts to save time and optimize their profit.

At Windridge Olen Exports we have a team of former builders and developers with decades of experience that will scour the property and identify existing flaws and conditions that will create future problems. The ultimate goal is to report accurately on the health of the home and to make recommendations on how best to optimize repairs if needed or, alternatively, how much it will cost to own and maintain the home going forward if nothing is done.

You have or want to have a significant investment in Palm Beach real estate. Doesn’t it make sense to find out if the value of your residence equal that investment? Call us today and we’ll arrange a preliminary interview.