Protecting Your Residential Investment and Avoid the Complexities of Home Maintenance in the Bahamas

You have a substantial residential investment in the Bahamas and it is only prudent to take steps to protect it from the tropical climate and island infrastructure that left unchecked can result in an insidious devaluation of your property. A Bahamian lifestyle can be amazingly rewarding but it comes with challenges as well.

The rains, winds, heat, humidity and salt air all carry the potential to do damage to your residence. When the outside finds its way inside through a leaky roof tile, a corroded exterior light fixture, a warped windowsill or other means, the risk of mold formations is high which will not only damage the property but create a potential health problem as well.

Electrical power in the islands is famous for its brown outs and full outages. Unless you have made provisions for an uninterrupted power supply your appliances, computers, security system and virtually any device that runs on electricity is susceptible to damage.

Then there are the everyday problems that exist the world over like termites, insects, plumbing problems and mechanical breakdowns. The difference in the Bahamas being that the repair service may have to arrive by boat or plane.

Let Professionals Take Over the Responsibility for Your Home’s Maintenance

Don’t let the complexities of the island become your complexities. Outsource the maintenance and repair of your residence to a single source service like Windridge Olen Exports.

Residential concierge services provided by Windridge Olen Exports include:

  • Routine and emergency plumbing service
  • Scheduled and emergency mechanical and electrical services
  • Pest control
  • Grounds keeping and landscaping
  • Marina maintenance and repair
  • Exterior repair services for roofing, windows, paint etc.
  • Housekeeping and kitchen staff
  • Property management services for residence rentals
  • Yacht management services for charters

Our entire focus at Windridge Olen Export is to make life in the Bahamas as carefree and relaxed as possible for our clients. While we provide traditional concierge services such as coordinating entertainment, travel and personal shopping, our 30 years of experience doing business in the Bahamas positions us perfectly to serve every facet of Bahama living.

Residential concierge services adds significantly to the protection of your real estate investment while at the same time offering the ultimate in convenience keeping your property in pristine condition. Engaging Windridge Olen Exports for your complete residential maintenance results in a living environment that meets your high demands while eliminating the frustration that sometimes accompanies a need for emergency services.

A single phone call or email to Windridge Olen Exports will connect you with a specialist who will be delighted to answer your questions and schedule an onsite visit. Take the next step in perfecting you island Paradise today!