Your island home in the Bahamas represents a significant investment. It doesn’t matter if you are a full time or part time resident the investment in your Bahama residence can be at risk if you allow maintenance issues to go unattended. The Bahamian climate and environment can quickly turn small maintenance problems into major concerns that can affect not only the livability of the house but its value as well.

As beautiful as the Bahamas are the island nation presents a number of risks for your estate that are unique to the tropics. Powerful hurricanes and tropical storms are always a consideration and preparing for those events is a separate issue. The everyday concerns are the heat, humidity, rain and salt air that can nibble away at the home’s exterior ultimately causing mold, warping and wood rot. In addition to the climate the Bahamas, like everywhere else in the Caribbean, has its share of insects including termites that need to be controlled.

Aside from the natural concerns there is another manmade challenge. In the Bahamas the electrical power can be spotty with frequent brown outs which can damage electrical appliances ranging from air conditioning units to computers.

As a practical matter and as a prudent step in protecting your real estate investment, you need a residential maintenance plan.

How to Simplify a Complicated Plan

If you take a moment and think about the number of maintenance contractors you or your assistant will have to locate, coordinate and supervise you’ll discover that maintenance on a substantial estate is nearly a full time job. We are certain that you didn’t build in the Bahamas so you could spend your days worrying about household maintenance.

There is an easier way.

Turn all of the scheduled and emergency maintenance responsibilities over to a firm like Windridge Olen Export who provides residential concierge services. Using a single source that has already developed a network of vetted, competent and reliable service providers makes residential maintenance carefree and provides you with the confidence of knowing that if an emergency occurs, it will be handled promptly and professionally.

A Sample of the services provided by Windridge Olen Exports:

  • Grounds keeping
  • Scheduled and emergency electrical, mechanical and plumbing services
  • Exterior maintenance and repair
  • Pool cleaning and maintenance
  • Marina maintenance and repairs
  • Housekeeping and/or kitchen staff
  • Pest control

A properly executed maintenance plan adds significantly to the quality of lifestyle you expect and assists in preserving and enhancing the value of your residential investment.

If you have questions regarding this issue please do not hesitate to call us.

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