We offer luxury concierge services which is another way of saying that we simplify your life in the Bahamas. When you think luxury concierge you probably think in terms of a service that can make all of your social arrangements, find your favorite gourmet foods, provide personal shopping and all of the other traditional concierge services. We do all that and more but with my background I focus on the more basic needs of living in the Bahamas like residential construction projects, residential maintenance (mechanical, electrical, pest control etc.)  landing strips and marina facilities.

Today I’d like to offer some advice about an essential service, electrical power, that isn’t always as reliable as it should be in the Bahamas.

Your electricity will come from the Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) which has made improvements over the past few years but which is still not state of the art. Delivering electrical power to an island nation is not easy and it is very expensive due to its 100% reliance on imported fossil fuel to power its generating plants. And then there is the threat of lightening. Lightening is often blamed for the frequent outages that occur in the summertime.

How to Keep the Lights (and other electrical devices) On in Your Bahama Residence

Brownouts and disruption of electrical services can have devastating effects on all of your electrical appliances. One of your priorities should be to install a system that will mitigate the sometimes hit and miss electrical service from the BEC.

I recommend that you build a separate structure at the point where your electrical service enters your property to serve as your own “electrical service assurance” facility. You’ll need two backup generators and a safe area to store fuel. There is also a system available in the U.S. that manages brownouts and optimizes the available power that is available for import.

If you think about all of the devices and systems in your residence that run on electricity you’ll get a real appreciation for just how greatly your life can be disrupted by unreliable electrical power.

Taking steps to mitigating brownouts and power interruptions is a “must do” if you want to simplify life in the Bahamas.

If you have questions about installing a backup system or any other residential projects in the Bahamas issue please don’t hesitate to contact me at Windridge Olen Exports

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