Residential Inspections in the Bahamas

A professional residential inspection of a home for sale in the Bahamas performed by our expert residential concierge services can assist both the seller and the buyer reach a true fair market price that satisfies both parties.

The Bahamas are a perfect setting for substantial residences, but both the island’s climate and residential construction industry can contribute to conditions that can have a direct impact on the value of a home. The Bahamian climate can bake a home, lash it with tropical storms, infest it with termites, sand blast surfaces, and rust out exposed metal pieces. Many contractors fail to use building materials that are suited for the tropics and also pass up on “extras” like a properly ventilated roof that is essential in the tropics, to cut costs.

Knowing the Real Value of a Property and the Real Cost of Ownership Can Expedite a Sale

At Windridge Olen Exports our expert house inspection team will work with either a buyer or a seller but certainly not both at the same time. There are benefits from an inspection that either party can use to leverage their position during negotiations.

For the Seller

An in-depth, comprehensive inspection of your property will uncover deficiencies that are routinely missed or ignored by regular “home inspectors.” Some of these will be obvious to a person who is looking at the property for the first time (like a buyer) but go unseen to you because you have become accustomed to conditions.

Common conditions that detract from the residence include uneven patio pavers, peeling paint, cracks or warping along the roof soffit, improperly vented roof that causes excessive energy expense, and less than impressive landscaping. These are the simple issues that can be repaired easily, improve the appearance of the home and warrant the price you are asking.

For the Buyer

A detailed inspection will allow the buyer to make an informed decision about the sales price and the real cost of living in the residence. Aside from material defects we will provide an analysis of electrical use and uncover any inefficiencies in the structure’s wiring, appliances or source of electricity. We will provide you with a realistic cost to repair deficiencies which can then be used in determining what the property’s real price should be.

Our goal at Windridge Olen Exports is to simplify life in the Bahamas for our clients. There is nothing simple about real estate transactions but our involvement can smooth out the process and ensure maximum value for both buyer and seller.

If you are interested in having your home inspected, give us a call today to arrange an appointment.