Residential Inspections in the Bahamas Provides Buyer Savings

For our clients who are considering acquiring a new residence in the Bahamas, we highly recommend they take advantage of our professional residential inspection service. Our exclusive inspection service can save a client tens of thousands of dollars on the sales price, more if the property is a substantial residence.

Our residential inspection service bears no resemblance to the typical home inspection performed before a home actually closes. Home inspectors are interested in building codes and the condition of any appliances that are a part of the sale. So long as the house is built to code and the appliances work, the residence is deemed to have passed inspection.

When we inspect a home we are looking for value, or lack of it.  In the Bahamas, we can almost guarantee that underneath that fresh coat of paint lurks a multitude of existing and potential problems which will impact the final sales price and the monthly cost to maintain the home. We do an in-depth inspection ferreting out issues that are overlooked or ignored by house inspectors. Our team of experts have decades of residential construction experience in the Tropics and perform the inspections from a builder’s perspective, not a code checker.

A Professional Inspection Means Thousands in Your Pocket

If you have your eye on what you believe is the perfect residence, go ahead and make your offer but ensure that the price is contingent upon the results of a home inspection conducted by the firm of your choice…then let us start our work.

What’s the value in discovering all the deficiencies that exist in your ideal home? The value is in using that list of shortcomings to get a lower sales price. We’re not talking about uncovering a small spot on a carpet; we’re talking about inadequately ventilated roofs that cause thousands in excessive energy bills and finding building materials that will fail because they are inappropriate for the tropics.

Here comes the best part. We will discuss what we found with you and give you our estimate of what the real sales price should be. At that point you can go off to the beach or cruise in your yacht or do whatever you like. Enjoy the islands.

Our senior inspector, who has over 40 years’ experience in negotiating real estate and land development deals, will negotiate directly with the seller and his agent and leverage the inspection findings to lower the sale price.

It simply does not get easier than this.

You get your perfect Bahamas residence at a price that reflects its true value without any of the time consuming hassle associated with real estate deals.

If you are in the market today and you want to learn more about Buddy Olen Exports residential services, give us a call now or drop us a line.