Money Saving Residential Inspections in the Bahamas

Let Windridge Olen Exports residential concierge services represent you in negotiations for a new Bahamas home and save tens of thousands of dollars. That may seem like a brash claim but given our experience with substantial Bahamas residences tens of thousands is actually a conservative estimate.

How do we do it? The idea is pretty simple. Executing the idea requires significant experience and talent. Every home, new or used, in the Bahamas has things wrong with it. These deficiencies may be major or minor and the owner may know about them but most likely doesn’t. A professional, in-depth inspection of a residence in the Bahamas will reveal the deficiencies and give an accurate estimate of what the monthly cost of ownership will be.

Building in the Bahamas – An Uncertain Science

Think about it for a moment. The attraction of the Bahamas is its natural beauty, the opportunity to acquire your own island, the beach and of course the ocean. If a residence is positioned in that kind of environment, many buyers will be enthralled by the setting and not worry about the fact that in the attic of their prospective home it’s 2000 because of inadequate venting causing the air conditioning to work twice as hard as it should and wearing out the compressor before its time. They don’t notice that the wood used on the fascia of the eaves is not compatible with a tropical climate and will undoubtedly warp and rot.

There are literally dozens of deficiencies, some unintentional from lack of knowledge, some intentional to cut construction costs, that exist in every major residence in the Bahamas.

We will find them all. Our team of experienced real estate builders and developers can ferret out the problems in that home you want and then use that information to knock down the purchase price…and you don’t have to get involved.

You can go ahead and make an offer on a home but include a clause that makes the offer contingent on a residential inspection by the firm of your choice. Once we have the results, we will consult with you and give you our opinion of what the price should be. Then with your permission we will negotiate with the owner and his realtor to bring the price down to accommodate the deficiencies found.

Sound interesting? Call us today for more information on our residential concierge services.