Residential Inspections in the Bahamas – Seller Advice

If you are considering selling a substantial residence in the Bahamas, you can benefit from the professional residential inspection service offered by Windridge Olen Exports.

Today’s real estate market is extremely competitive and today’s buyers are far better informed and more sophisticated than they have been in the past. Your beautiful façade and inviting furnishings are still the "sizzle" that sells the deal, but buyers will want more information before they sign a contract.

Specifically, buyers are interested in a home’s energy efficiency (and with the price of electricity in Bahamas who can blame them), water conservation features and risk of mold. If your residence is over three or four years old, it probably has some of the issues that are of concern to buyers…just like all the other residences in the Bahamas.

Using our professional residence inspection service will allow you to identify the issues and make a decision as to their disposition. Repairing items that have a direct impact on utility costs and house health can be used as a marketing feature. Pointing out recently completed improvements is akin to pointing out new tires or new parts on a used car. You can demonstrate increased value compared to a comparable home on the market.

Know Your Home – Know Its Value

Our inspection team consists of experts with decades of experience in residential construction and property management in the Bahamas. Don’t confuse these people with the "home inspectors" that are usually hired as a condition of sale whose purpose is to check for code violations and working appliances.

Our team goes deep. We will ferret out all of the existing and potential problems and then advise you which can give you the biggest return on investment (ROI) if repaired or improved.

Our inspection will have special emphasis on those areas that are of the highest concern for buyers, utilities and house health. For example:

  • Your air conditioning accounts for the bulk of your electrical consumption. Many homes in the Bahamas have inadequate venting in the roof creating ambient temperatures in the attic (where your air handling vents run) of 2000 or higher. This causes the air conditioner to run longer and harder. The solution is additional vents, an easy and relatively inexpensive fix.
  • Built in electrical fixtures are often outdated and use more energy than required.
  • Older mechanical breaker panels are inefficient and subject to malfunction.
  • Leaks are another concern not only for controlling water costs but to prevent mold. We’ll test and inspect your entire line.
  • Windows are another weak point both in terms of energy efficiency and the prevention of rot or mold in the frames.
  • We even check the tops and bottoms of exterior doors to ensure the paint hasn’t been rubbed off. Exposed wood or steel can result in rot or rust.

The list is comprehensive and when the inspection is over you will know the true "health" of your home. You can use your report to make smart improvements, which will justify a higher sale price than the competition. In a market where buyers can afford and expect the best, you will have a competitive edge.

If you have an interest in our residential inspections for sellers, give us a call today or drop us a line.