Residential sellers in the Bahamas may want to consider having their home inspected by our residential concierge services prior to placing it on the market. In almost every residential transaction, but in particular with the sale of substantial residences, sellers tend to have a blind eye when it comes to deficiencies in the home.

Cracks, dry rot and other deficiencies don’t happen overnight; they develop slowly over time. Homeowners may not notice these events until something fails. For home buyers on their first visit, these blemishes stand out like a sore thumb. The result of these different perceptions is often a seller who has overpriced the residence and buyers who perceive the home as being worth less than a fair market price.

You can eliminate this situation by having a professional house inspection performed and deciding which items need repair and which don’t. A seller can take away any leverage that deficiencies may give a buyer by repairing the home or reducing price.

The Bahamas Can Be Hard on a House

The Bahamas truly are an island paradise but the very things that make it so special, the sun, the ocean, the beaches and the lush vegetation can also be your residence’s worst enemies. This is particularly true if your house was constructed from materials not suited for the tropics; a situation that is sadly, very common in the Bahamas.

At the time of sale, a home inspection will be required but that “home inspector” will only be concerned if the home was built to code and that all appliances included in the sale work.

A professional home inspection will go into detail and provide the seller with information that can directly affect the final sales price.

For example the exterior of a Bahamas residence can take a beating from the elements. The condition of your grounds determines curb appeal. Our service will check:

  • Proper grading that drains water away from the home
  • No evidence of standing water
  • No leaks from septic tank or leech field
  • Landscaping all in good order
  • No bushes touching the home and no branches overhanging the roof
  • All outdoor structures (fences, sheds etc.) in good repair with no sign of termite damage
  • Driveways, sidewalks, patios, entrance landings in good condition, and pitched away from structure
  • And more

If you are interested in discovering the “true” condition of your residence, call us and we can arrange for a professional inspection at your earliest convenience.

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