Fort Lauderdale Residential Inspection Experts

If you are serious about purchasing that luxury residence in Fort Lauderdale, you definitely want to invest in a professional residential inspection to ensure that the value of the home is worth the price. Residential inspections are standard contingencies in Fort Lauderdale real estate contracts but too many times those inspections are performed by underqualified personnel. What they miss, or ignore can cost you thousands.

Windridge Olen Exports is a comprehensive concierge firm serving select clients in the Bahamas and South Florida. As part of our service we assist our clients in the management of their properties including management of new construction and inspection of potential new acquisitions. Our residential inspections have saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars and we have decided to offer the service to persons outside our client base who are interested in buying substantial residences in South Florida.

What Don’t See – What the Owner Doesn’t Know – Can Cost You Thousands

When large residences are constructed they can employ upwards to 100 contractors and vendors. Having that many craftspeople and installers working on a single project is a quality control nightmare. We know, we’ve built these homes. Unless there is constant vigilance, shortcuts will be taken that later will cost the owner a significant amount to repair or correct.

When the owner sells the property he is selling the shortcuts with it.

Fort Lauderdale’s heat, rain and moisture are the culprits that will eventually reveal many of the shortcuts taken. Roofs will be inadequately vented costing hundreds in energy costs, exterior beams and wood will not be sealed correctly causing rot to form under the paint, fascia will be constructed with pine rather than a material suitable for the tropics and eventually warp and need to be replaced and the list goes on.

You’ll never know these faults unless you use a professional inspector. However, once you have his report you can use it to negotiate a discount on the sales price. On a seven figure home that discount could be substantial.

If you are about to invest in a luxury home in Fort Lauderdale don’t go in blind. Call us today and arrange an appointment to discuss what we can do for you to allow you to make an informed purchasing decision.