If you are considering a residential project in the Bahamas I’d like to share a simple tip with you that will not only speed up the project’s completion and provide your interior with a superior level of protection from moisture and mold, but is one that is often overlooked by most residential construction companies in the Bahamas.

I’m talking about using an innovative “drywall” panel called DensArmor.

I ran across this material when I was building my home in the Berry’s about 5 years ago. I visited a supply house and noticed a piece of “drywall” sticking out of a bucket of water. I asked the salesperson what the point of demonstration was and he said “pick it up.” I did and the first thing I noticed was that the drywall was completely dry. Normal drywall would be water logged after 5 minutes in a bucket of water; the DensArmor had been sitting in the bucket almost 24 hours.

Obviously DensArmor is not your typical wallboard. Most wallboard is made of gypsum with paper facing. The DensArmor panels are constructed with water resistant fiberglass matts front and back and a mold resistant core. In an environment that has as much rain and humidity as the Bahamas it’s easy to see how an interior paneled with DensArmor is going to provide a much longer service life than traditional drywall.

Because it is moisture resistant it offers another advantage over traditional drywall that any residential construction company will appreciate. DensArmor can be “hung” before the project is completely “dry in” meaning you don’t have to wait for the roofing crew or the contractors installing windows and doors to complete their work before hanging interior panels. Because of its water resistant properties DensArmor can stand up to “ambient moisture” of a construction site and your “drywall” crew can be working at the same time as the roofers and window installers. The fact that you can be hanging panels while other crews continue with their work can save a significant amount of time.

So why don’t construction services in the Bahamas use DensArmor? I believe it is the 10% – 15% premium that you will pay for this superior product over the traditional drywall. When construction services bid on projects, even ones that are obviously substantial like yours, they will cut costs where they can.

I don’t think that’s smart thinking and I’m betting you don’t either.

There are other tips on residential construction in the Bahamas that I think you’ll find interesting that I’ll be sharing over the weeks to come. However if you have any questions about DensArmor or any other facet of luxury residential projects in the Bahamas please feel free to contact me at Windridge Olen Exports.

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