Unlike more temperate locations, the Bahamas offers an environment that can play havoc with your electrical wiring. There are certain steps that you have to take with residential projects in the Bahamas if you want to enjoy your home free from electrical problems.

The heat, humidity, salt air and even the insects’ can do damage to unprotected wiring causing shorts and even electrical fires. When I say, “unprotected wiring” I’m referring to the very popular Romex® brand of non-metallic (NM) wire that is used in many residential construction products. It is light weight, easy to pull through holes and easy to cut but it simply can’t reliably stand up to the Bahamian environment over any length of time.

When we take on a construction management project in the Bahamas we carefully review the material specifications and if Romex® is on the list we scratch it off. All wiring, including the ground, has to be enclosed in a plastic conduit to effectively protect its integrity. Also the wire itself should be of solid copper not the stranded copper variety.

It is also important to run all the conduit to the boxes in the attic for easy access. Speaking of the attic, your plans should include lighting the entire attic and the addition of walkways to make working in the attic safe. With all the wiring coming to one place, repair and/or additions is a much easier task.


If you have lived by the ocean before then you already know the damage that salt air can do to metal (like wiring) and other materials. Dimmer switches are very popular but they are also very susceptible to corrosion and the salt air will get to them comparably faster than a standard switch. Keep that in mind when you are planning the location and number of dimmers.

Recessed lighting is also very popular and we would suggest you use the new LED recessed fixtures that are available through import. They provide excellent light, give off almost no heat, and most importantly they use very little electrical power. A bonus in the Bahamas where power costs are high and power itself is spotty at times.

Security Lighting

I’m sure this is nothing new to you but security lighting is a must have at a substantial Bahamas residence. We recommend lighting at all four corners to illuminate the entire perimeter. In addition we recommend yard lighting that faces back to the house. Ideally all security lighting can be activated with a single switch.

We provide a comprehensive range of concierge services in the Bahamas for a select few clients. Our goal is to be the resource that can do everything to simplify your life in the Bahamas from building your home, to managing and maintaining your yacht to repairing your air conditioner to buying gifts for friends and family. If you have any questions regarding our service don’t hesitate to contact us.

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