Residential Projects in the Bahamas

The project is daunting. You want to build your luxury residence on the perfect island in the Bahamas but you have neither the time nor the local knowledge to manage the task efficiently. Managing a residential construction project long distance is a challenge in itself but when you add in the logistical and permitting issues that are associated with construction in the Bahamas, the challenges are magnified. Windridge Olen Export provides a solution with our construction management services designed specifically for residential projects in the Bahamas.

With over 25 years’ experience in property development and upscale residential construction in the Bahamas, Windridge Olen Export is in a position to provide comprehensive construction management services to clients desiring to build their island dream home but who do not have the time or desire to get involved in the complexities of such a project.

Comprehensive Residential Construction Company

Trust us, building a substantial residence in the Bahamas is not for the inexperienced or those without the network of both commercial and governmental resources that will be required to design and construct the home. You can avoid the many pitfalls that exist in Bahamian residential construction and you can simplify the entire process by eliminating the requirement to manage and coordinate multiple vendors by utilizing the single point of contact construction management services of Windridge Olen Export.

At Windridge Olen Export we can literally take your project from your imagination to structure completion. We will even decorate and furnish it if you so desire. Our services include:

  • World class architectural firms to design your residence to your specifications.
  • Property surveying
  • All national and local government permits
  • Construction materials suitable for a tropical environment and upscale finishes as well as construction equipment not available locally
  • Reliable and vetted local contractors where appropriate and/or imported talented artisans for custom woodwork, masonry and other custom finishes.
  • All power, plumbing and water connections.
  • Coordination of all vendors and contractors employed on the project to include invoicing.
  • Single point of contact for progress reports and other updates.