A septic tank can be one of the most effective ways to dispose of household waste. Most common septic tank problems and failures are due to the soak-away and not to the septic tank itself. Septic tank repairs can be costly so identifying the issues early is crucial.

Some of the signs of a soak-away failure are:

  • The toilet keeps overflowing.
  • The drains are beginning to make strange gurgling sounds.
  • When you empty a sink, it backs up to the shower or bathtub.
  • You notice an overflow where your washing machine is hooked-up.
  • You smell foul air and see wet waste beginning to show up on your land.
  • You smell stinky odors coming from the drains in your house.
  • The toilets become slow when you flush them.
  • Your drain inspection chambers begin to fill-up with waste. Ideally, these areas should be empty.
  • Nearby streams and ditches become polluted.
  • You notice that there are dips in the soil near either the soak-away drain or near the septic tank.

If you are experiencing any of these contact a professional right away. If you have any questions regarding septic tanks or home inspection issues contact us at Windridge Olen Exports today.

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