That new residence you purchased in the Bahamas is beautiful but now you are faced with shipping your household goods and vehicles from your Palm Beach house to the Bahamas. If you have never attempted shipping internationally we hope you have the patience of Job. It’s a tad more complicated than calling up Mayflower or Allied and getting a quote.

Without question you have gone through the moving experience before and you’ll probably agree with the idea that the only thing worse than moving out of a home is moving into a new one. It’s a time consuming but familiar procedure that you may consider an annoyance but one that you understand and can assess the value of the service.

And then there’s shipping by boat…and landing in a foreign port…that’s when you’ll realize you’re not in Kansas anymore.

Welcome to the Tax Free Island Nation of the Bahamas

The Bahamas really have no taxes; no income tax, no property tax, no sales tax, no capital gains tax. So when a nation doesn’t have these traditional sources of revenue how do they run the government? Well in an island nation where nearly everything has to be imported, duty taxes, customs and tax stamps serve to keep the country afloat financially.
It’s going to cost you about 42% of your property’s assessed value to bring it into the Bahamas.

But that’s after you get it there.

Your first step will be finding a shipping firm who sails out of the Port of Palm Beach. The list is pretty limited but all of them will have pretty much the same requirements, including prepayment, to get your property to one of two or possibly three ports of entry in the Bahamas.

The paperwork will be overwhelming including inventories, assessments, valuations of art or other high value items, specific marking on boxes and items, instructions to the shipper, and customs documents. Remember your goods are going to be loaded into containers not moving vans and that’s a different animal.

The actual ocean voyage is about a day which means you have to hop a jet and meet the ship or, and more likely, you’ll hire a broker to represent you at customs. This is another area that can cause significant frustration not to mention delays.

It’s a mess. Your best bet is to hire a concierge service that has the experience, intimate understanding of local government protocols, and resources to take on your move from beginning to end. Windridge Olen Exports is just such a service. We will handle everything in Palm Beach and the Bahamas. Your only task will be to tell the movers where the furniture goes in the home.

Call us today for details!

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