My guest house a/c had totally broken down and when I tried to get local help the local supplier they could not get any equipment without ordering from the states and I had a very important guest arriving the next evening. I spoke to buddy early the following morning and explained the problem and after some specific questions of my staff he made arrangements to have the new equipment, an installer and all ancillary supplies to my property by 3pm that same day and totally working by the time my very important client arrived that evening.

My cistern lining had developed a leak and I live on an out island with absolutely no way to get anything to me. I located the new liner, which weighed 350 pounds and buddy had the new liner and special parts delivered to me on the out island within 24 hours of his receipt of the new liner. water now being saved.

Our main generator for the island had some parts problems and was working intermittantly and the only way to repair was to get parts from the states. buddy had these parts delivered within 24 hours of his receipt of them. generator working perfectly again.

Small insignificant things like an injector being plugged with gunk. butif I am not a mechanic I do not know this and had some large equipment that would not work and did not have access to anyone who could help on a far out island. buddy arranged for a mechanic to come check out the large equipment and found injectors that were bad and not seated properly. he ahd them cleaned and reseated for immediate work and new ones replaced within 48 hours of the original fix.

My boss’s very large limo had broken down and parts are extremely difficult to find in the united states let alone in the bahamas and buddy was able to get a special steering pump for a custom limo bus that the builder had gone out of business. had the bus back to work in 2 days, and then had a spare part brought in by buddy for future needs.

Our condo elevator shaft was making some minor vibrations whenever the elevator moved and this became annoying. buddy had been on hand and noticed some obvious items any contractor would have noticed and he arranged for some very special mechanics to come to the site and found some serious problems. problem resolution was proposed and executed and elevator vibration gone and the elevator is much more safe thanit was before.

We needed a new fire box on our marina and our suppliers had not been able to locate the one we needed to match for about 2 months. we asked buddy what he could do and he had this fire box to us in the next 5 days, exactly what we needed.