When you are considering buying a residence in Palm Beach you may be surprised just how important the landscape is in your home inspection. Specifically you will want to know how close trees are to your lateral plumbing line that connects with the city’s main in the street.

Most Palm Beach real estate contracts have a contingency clause that gives the buyer the right to have the home inspected before signing the contract. If you are in the closing phase of a real estate deal hire a professional home inspection firm who will check out the threat that tree roots represent to the home’s lateral drain or septic system.

Tree roots can represent a major plumbing repair project or at the least, require frequent line cleaning by a professional plumber.

I think I shall Never See anything as Pretty as a Tree…Providing it is at Least 10 Feet Away From My Lateral Line

Our apologies to Joyce Kilmer but the advice is sound. The root system of a tree is designed to seek out and acquire water and nutrients and your main drainage line or septic system is full of both. If a tree is planted within 10′ of your line it is susceptible to attack by tree roots.

Lines that have minute leaks or joints that aren’t completely sealed will leak moisture. Tree roots will detect the moisture an attempt to enter the line to get more. The roots that make the initial entry may be hair thin but they will grow into a mass blocking the line.

A plumber can snake an auger down the line and attempt to cut through the roots and eliminate the blockage. Plumbers also use hydro jet systems to blast through the blockage use water under high pressure. Regardless of the method used the fix is only temporary because the leaks are still there. This means you will have to have regular cleaning of the lines as part of your home maintenance schedule.

If the plumbers are unable to clear the line, the only other option is to dig up the pipe(s) with the leak and have it replaced. This can be a costly repair particularly if the pipe runs under a paved area.

If your home inspector believes there is a possibility that roots may have entered your line, the smart move would be to have a plumber send a camera down to inspect it.

If you have any questions about this issue or any other aspect of a professional home inspection, call us at Windridge Olen Exports. We are always happy to hear from you.

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