If you are considering purchasing a residence in the Bahamas, the seller will provide you with a report from a home inspector regarding the condition of the house. You’d think that this report would advise you of the condition of the home.

It doesn’t.

A home inspector is only concerned with code compliance, structural issues, safety concerns and if appliances are part of the sale price, do they work. What is not in a home inspection report is any comment on the quality of construction, energy efficiency (or lack of it) or any estimate of what it will cost to maintain the home.

We’ve used this example before but it drives home the point. The inspector looks at the roof. All the tiles or shingles are in place, the eaves are vented and there appears to be no leaks. He inspects the attic to see if joists are properly reinforced. The temperature in the attic may be 1400 because it is not adequately vented but that’s not his concern. He is paid to report on conditions, not make recommendations.

What Home Inspectors Miss or Ignore

So you buy this home and discover that your electric bill is through the roof because your air conditioning is working triple time. The 1400 ambient temperature in the attic is having its effect on the air handling vents that run through the attic. If you knew this in advance would you have paid what you did?

Uncovering quality issues that are missed by home inspectors is why you get a professional inspection done before you sign the sales contract.

Here are a few areas that are commonly "missed" on a home inspection report:

  • The electrical system may be up to code but is it efficient. How old is the breaker box and do the GFI breakers work as they should.
  • Are electrical fixtures like high hats, dimmer switches and other items energy efficient?
  • Are windows sealed properly to prevent "cooling the great outdoors" through leaks?
  • Does the air conditioning condensation pan have an adequate drain system?
  • We already discussed venting the roof but have contractors adding insulation covered up vents for the eaves in the process?

These may seem like minor areas until you find yourself paying exorbitant utility bills and repairing rotted window frames.

Before you buy, talk to us about a comprehensive home inspection that will determine the real value of your home and what it will cost to run it once you move in.

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