What Bahamas home inspectors miss in their inspection of a property for sale shouldn’t really be surprising. Home inspectors are not paid to inspect the quality of a home, only that it is built to code, has no obvious safety issues, is structurally sound and that the appliances included in the sale work.

That’s it. There is no comment about the quality of materials, energy efficiency, cost of maintenance and certainly no recommendations on how to improve the home. They just don’t get paid to do that.

So where does that leave you as a buyer? In most cases it leaves you paying more than you should for a residence because you are not aware of the repairs or upgrading required. You’ll start to discover what those items are when you begin receiving your utility and maintenance bills but of course by then your only option is to live with the high cost of maintenance or pay for corrective remodeling.

In the Bahamas the Devil is in the Details

You already know it can be hot and humid in the Bahamas but you may want to think again about how that tropical climate can affect your home. Here are a few items that will never appear on a home inspection report but can have a major impact on future repairs or existing monthly maintenance and utility costs:

  • All surfaces that are exposed to the weather have to be protected and that includes the tops and bottoms of doors. Wood or steel doors whose tops and bottoms are not painted or sealed will result in rot or rust.
  • If the fascia is constructed of pine or some other material not appropriate for the climate, it’s just a matter of time before it will warp and need to be repaired. A warped fascia will also allow rain into the attic which can quickly play host to mold.
  • The electrical supply in the Bahamas is iffy and very expensive. The wiring in the house may be up to code but there will be no comment on the home inspection report about the energy efficiency (or lack of it) of the home. Energy efficiency in this case means optimizing the air conditioning system and the environment it works in plus upgrading lighting fixtures and appliances.

There is a way to “find” all these deficiencies before you buy. A call to Windridge Olen Exports can arrange a professional home inspection that will uncover the problems and provide you with an accurate estimate of what the cost to maintain the house will be if the seller makes no repairs. Our professional inspectors can provide you with the info you need to leverage your negotiations with the buyer.

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