Yacht and Marina Management, Maintenance and Repairs

Your yacht, your home, entertainment and business center afloat is an integral part of your Bahamian lifestyle. It is not surprising that an island nation does not have a totally supplied robust yacht management, marina services industry to support your waterborne assets. Most small industries do not have the capital or investment to be able to do so. At Windridge Olen Exports we understand yachts and we understand what’s required to not only keep them seaworthy but equipped with the latest in technology and convenience.

With over 40 years managing and operating a luxury yacht charter fleet and having a founder with a USGC 100 Ton Captain’s license we are in a position to be your single source for all of your yacht management and marina services.  Take the task of maintaining and updating your yacht and ability to get items in our experienced hands. Don’t burden your Captain with sorting out a source when you can relax knowing that a significant asset is in the care of professionals who have the knowledge and resources to keep it in optimum condition.

What to expect from our Yacht Management Services

  • Access to the latest navigational, safety and communications equipment
  • Naval architect services for remodeling, repurposing portions of the yacht
  • A comprehensive inventory of OEM parts
  • Construction of private marina facilities
  • Provisioning services
  • Chartering services turning the yacht into a revenue source
  • Comprehensive overhaul services
  • Yacht sales and marketing services

Simplify Your Life in The Bahamas

Ideally you tell your Captain when you want to use the yacht, where you want to go and what you want to do and it is ready for your use. But if a critical part has not yet arrived or the Captain’s source for provisioning can’t provide what you want when you want it you either have to change plans or live with it.

Don’t put yourself through that. Give Windridge Olen Exports the responsibility of your yacht management purchase. Use the yacht when you want it how you want it.