Buddy Olen Exports – Simplifying Life in the Bahamas

Buddy Olen Exports is an exclusive concierge service for businesses and individuals alike in the Bahamas. The Bahamas are a beautiful, idyllic and relaxed paradise in which to live, play and work but sometimes those same characteristics can make conducting business or acquiring the goods and services that you need a time consuming and frustrating experience. Windridge Olen Exports offers a simple alternative to dealing with life’s challenges in the Bahamas both big and small.

Our broad business experience in the islands, our intimate understanding of government protocols and our expansive network of personal and business providers ideally positions us to provide our clients an extensive array of services ranging from managing an estate to building an airstrip.

At Buddy Olen Exports It’s All About Preserving Your Most Precious and Finite Resource

Time. Individuals and businesses alike each have 24 hours per day of this irreplaceable resource and how that resource is used determines in large part how successful a business becomes or how satisfied a life is. You have the financial resources to get anything you want…eventually. Our mission at Buddy Olen Exports is to get it quickly, efficiently and to your total satisfaction.
If you are new to the Bahamas or simply facing a new Bahamian challenge a quick phone call or email to Buddy Olen Exports will put you in contact with a specialist who can effect a solution.
We are not a traditional concierge however, if you need to host a gourmet dinner for 60 tonight, charter a flight stateside or acquire that special crystal glassware we can certainly arrange it. Our services span nearly every aspect of living or doing business in The Bahamas.
Our clients include:

  • The highly successful, hands on individual who demands the best in life
  • The stateside architect looking for a local construction management firm
  • A local general contractor looking for a specific piece of equipment or materials
  • A seasonal resident who wants to charter his yacht while not in residence
  • A property manager who needs an emergency repair for an air conditioning unit
  • An executive assistant who needs to organize a corporate outing
  • A real estate developer who needs an effective global marketing plan

Private Client Services is about providing you what you want when you want it.
How much time can we save you today? A simple phone call to 1-954-658-6502 or a quick email will put you in touch with a problem solver now. Don’t let your concern frustrate you a second longer. Contact Buddy Olen Exports and give us the responsibility for getting it done.