Bahamas Premiere Personal Concierge Service

The Bahamas offer spectacular settings for exclusive residences and in season, the climate is as near to Paradise as you can get. But when it comes to enjoying those “special items and services” that you are accustomed to, you will quickly recognize that the Bahamas is not New York City, London or Paris. Shopping, any kind of shopping can become a time consuming challenge in the Bahamas and time is the one resource that you simply can’t buy more of.

When you consider that most everything in the Bahamas is imported, it is easy to understand how local retailers may not have your favorite gourmet foods, favorite designer line, favorite spirits or favorite brand of personal care items. For the person with discerning taste, shopping in the Bahamas is almost all “special order” turning a usually mundane activity into a complicated time burning chore.

Personal Shopper Service Simplifies Life in the Bahamas

At Buddy Olen Exports we simplify the complicated. Our extensive international network of resources and 25 years doing business in the Bahamas positions us as the premiere concierge service in the islands. Our approach to private client services focuses on single source procurement. Thanks to our exceptional service levels we have developed trusting relationships with our clients giving them the confidence to make Buddy Olen Exports their “go to” service for all their requirements.

Tell us what you want via phone call or email and we will find it, ship it, process it through customs and deliver it to your front door. It really is that simple.

We will shop, acquire and deliver your personal and household needs but our personal shopping services are not limited to finding and delivering items. The Bahamas, specifically Nassau, has a fair number of upscale retailers including Cartier, Gucci, John Bull, Lalique, Versace, David Yurman, and Bulgari.

If you want to avoid the traffic and crowds, we are delighted to do your shopping for you. Many of our clients have asked us to select gifts for family, friends and business associates. If your purchase is of a personal nature we can arrange a private showing with the shop owner or sales manager.

When convenience and quality are paramount, call Buddy Olen Exports.

Contact us today to see just how uncomplicated shopping can be in the Bahamas.