Comprehensive Residential Luxury Concierge Services for the Bahamas

Your residence in the Bahamas is your island palace; a place to relax, entertain and enjoy everything that the Bahamas has to offer. Your Bahamian residence however, will likely require more maintenance than your home residence, thanks to Bahamas’ climate and infrastructure. The exterior of your home will take a beating from the heat, humidity, tropical storms and insects and Bahamas’ unpredictable electrical power can play havoc with everything from appliances to computers.

Maintaining your home is essential but don’t let it become a time consuming distraction from enjoying your life on the island.

At Buddy Olen Exports we provide a complete line of residential concierge services for clients with substantial estates. We simplify living in the Bahamas by taking on all or part of our clients’ residential maintenance responsibilities freeing them up to enjoy life in the Bahamas.

Simplifying Residential Maintenance in the Bahamas

Our 30 years of doing business in the Bahamas has allowed us to build a network of fully vetted, reliable and skilled service providers that can deliver scheduled and emergency maintenance to our clients’ residences. Windridge Olen Exports residential concierge services include:

  • Scheduled and emergency electrical and mechanical services (air conditioning, appliances, plumbing etc.).
  • Exterior repairs (shutter repair, roofing repair, window replacement etc.).
  • House painting (interior and exterior).
  • Grounds keeping.
  • Pool cleaning and maintenance.
  • Marina maintenance and repair.
  • Fully vetted housekeeping and/or kitchen staff
  • Pest control inspections and extermination.
  • Property management services.

Engaging Buddy Olen Exports as your sole source for residential maintenance significantly simplifies life. We offer one agreement, one point of contact, one invoice and a history of impeccable client care. Don’t put yourself or your staff through the drudgery of locating, vetting and contracting with multiple vendors when all it takes is one simple call to us.

We will meet with you, discuss your concerns and objectives, inspect your residence and grounds and prepare a comprehensive proposal for your review. Our objective is to take the everyday task of residential maintenance and make it a non-issue for our clients while at the same time instilling the confidence that if an emergency does arise, there is a contingency for fast and efficient response.

Call us today and let’s set up an appointment to get together.