Construction Management in The Bahamas

If you are the principal overseeing the development of your property or a professional construction service such as a property developer, architect/engineer or a U.S. or Bahamian builder you can benefit from the experiences of Buddy Olen Exports in the construction management services arena in the Bahamas.

With over a quarter century of experience building luxury estates and support facilities such as marinas and air strips, Buddy Olen Exports is uniquely positioned to assist principals or construction professionals in accomplishing their goals on time and on budget.

Why make your construction project more complicated and time consuming than it has to be. Simplify your life in the Bahamas and turn your construction management requirements over to Buddy Olen Exports and relax knowing that your project is in experienced and knowledgeable hands.

Clients who have elected to use Buddy Olen Export construction management services have received:

  • Access to world class architectural and engineering services experienced in residential and support facilities design (including airstrips) in the Bahamas.
  • Construction materials suited to the tropics and upscale finishes as well as construction equipment not available locally.
  • Talented artisans for custom woodwork, masonry and other custom finishes.
  •  The latest in self-contained power and plumbing technology including desalination systems.
  • Hassle free permits and import issues. No delays due to government red tape.

Developing Airstrips and Marinas Throughout The Bahamas

In the Bahamas, a palatial residence on a private island is the ultimate in exclusivity and privacy but an island residence surrounded by the sea is also isolated. Transportation is limited to sea and air which means you will need a “garage” for your yacht and a “driveway” for your aircraft.

Buddy Olen Export has significant experience in designing and constructing private marina facilities and airstrips for its clients across the Bahamas. Why not let us take responsibility for completing your marine or airstrip project from start to end including surveying, permitting, design, materials and equipment acquisition and construction management. Your concern is having access to the facilities. Our expertise is in building them. We should work together.