Home Inspection Palm Beach Florida

Every Palm Beach real estate contract includes a home inspection contingency that allows the buyer to renegotiate the sales price or walk away from the deal if the home has significant flaws uncovered by the inspection.  When you are talking about investing seven figures in a Palm Beach residence, the home inspection becomes a critical event but for so many buyers it is just a formality.

It’s a phenomenon that exits with buyers of $300,000 homes or $30,000,000 estates. The buyers become so distracted by the appearance of the home, the features, the décor and the location that they don’t realize that when the real estate agent shows up with the home inspector they are in serious trouble.

How Important is a Professional Home Inspection?

Palm Beach Home InspectionThink about it for a minute. How many crafts and construction skills go into building a home? Electricians, plumbers, carpenters, bricklayers, masons, HVAC installers, excavation and concrete handlers, painters and the list go on and on. All of these skills require a license, some require master licenses.

How does a single home inspector gain the knowledge required to determine if the work performed by all of these licensed contractors is satisfactory or failed over the passing of time?

One person can’t. One person can check for code violations but little else. Many people who hold themselves out as home inspectors have minimal or no construction experience and rely on what they learned from an online course to work as a home inspector.

What does that mean to you? It means there may be thousands of dollars in repairs or excessive operating costs in that beautiful home of you are about to plunk down a major piece of change on. You need to know the actual condition, the health as it were, of the real estate you are about to invest in and then use that knowledge to get a fair price or walk away.

What is a Professional Palm Beach Home Inspection?

The answer to this question is simple. A professional home inspection is conducted by qualified personnel in a number of specialties. The home inspection report is detailed and comprehensive and will identify existing problems and reasonably predict what may become a problem in the near future as well as the cost associated with the flaws.

I have decades of experience in real estate development, property management and construction of luxury estates. When a buyer engages Windridge Olen Exports to conduct a home inspection I bring a team consisting of:

  • Roof inspector
  • Termite inspector
  • A/C Mechanical inspector
  • Structural inspector
  • Plumbing inspector
  • Electrical inspector

The buyer gets real value from the inspection rather than a fluff job that points out obvious problems regarding safety or code violations. I have also worked with buyers to negotiate concessions from the seller leveraging the results of the inspections, often times saving tens of thousands of dollars.

If you want to take the risk out of a home inspection, if you want to know the real health of the property, call me today and we can set up an appointment.