Bahamas Home Seller Inspection Experts

Are you considering selling a residential property in the Bahamas? If you are, a professional home inspection can potentially add thousands to your final selling price. The upscale real estate market in the Bahamas is becoming increasingly more sophisticated. Buyers are more engaged in evaluating a property often hiring home inspection teams (like us) as part of the contract contingency clause to ensure they know the true condition and value of the property.

As a result, sellers looking for the best price for their real estate have to understand the actual condition of the property and present it in the best possible light. Having the property inspected prior to placing it on the market will allow the seller to do just that. Presenting a professional home inspection report and evidence of any repairs made after the report strengthens the homeowner’s unique selling proposition.

How to Get Your Asking Price and Speed Up the Sale of Your Bahamas Real Estate

For over 25 years Windridge Olen Exports has been a leader in custom residential estate construction and property management in the Bahamas. We are intimately familiar with the construction practices in the islands which unfortunately resulted in some buyers getting a lot of sizzle but very little bacon.

We understand how the Bahamas climate can take a toll on a residence and our expert team will uncover construction issues as well as issues that affect operational expenses, particularly energy expenses. Typical inspections reveal:

  • If your residence is over 5 years old the roof is probably not vented properly. Ambient temperatures in the roof can reach 2000 literally cooking the air conditioning conduits that run through the attic causing the AC to work harder and run longer. This is a huge and expensive waste of energy that can be inexpensively fixed.
  • Older mechanical breaker panels are inefficient and subject to malfunction.
  • We will check for leaks in the roof, walls and windows that not only let cool air out but allow the formation of mold and rot.
  • Our inspection is so detailed we even check the tops and bottoms of doors to ensure the paint hasn’t rubbed off exposing the wood to rot.

Imagine having a detailed home inspection from a reputable inspection service and detailed evidence of corrective action taken to present to a buyer. It’s akin to buying a luxury automobile with a warranty and one without.

Find out more on how a home inspection can speed up the sale of your property and get your asking price by contacting Windridge Olen Exports today!