Palm Beach Home Seller Inspection Experts

If you are contemplating placing your upscale Palm Beach home on the market, you can benefit from a professional in-depth home inspection. Today’s buyers are far better informed and more sophisticated than they were a decade ago. While your handsome exterior and tastefully decorated interior are still the sizzle that sells, today’s buyers are going to want to take a deeper look at the overall health of the home.

Can your residence stand up to a professional inspection? If your home is 5 or more years old it probably has issues that can raise concerns in the mind of buyers and influence their willingness to pay your price.

Professional Home Inspections Can Save Sellers and Buyers Thousands

At Windridge Olen Exports we provide comprehensive home inspections for both buyers and sellers. Our inspections are not to be confused with the typical commercial home inspection companies whose principal concern is to find code violations, obvious safety hazards and ensure that the major systems, plumbing, electrical and HVAC work. Our teams consist of builders with decades of experience who understand the ins and outs and shortcuts of the construction industry. They can ferret out problems that the typical "home inspector" will miss or simply ignore.

For example we can almost guarantee that your roof is not properly vented or insulated resulting in a significantly higher energy bill than you should be paying. Another common defect in Palm Beach homes are exterior doors and door frames that were not treated on the hidden sides (tops and bottoms) and probably have rot after three or four years of tropical climate. Window frames are also vulnerable if they were not treated or properly installed. Other problems include poorly graded lots, outdated electrical controls and even UV damaged beams.

All of these defects won’t be obvious unless the buyer hires a professional home inspector. As the seller you can either run the risk the inspection won’t find them, or you can have an inspection performed and decide what to repair and what to let go. A detailed professional inspection, particularly if repairs have been made, is a viable sales feature that distinguishes your home from others on the market.

If you would like to get the best price possible for your home, call us today and ask about our successful strategies for leveraging the inspection as a sales tool.