Professional Import/Export Services

Much of the attraction to living on an island in The Bahamas is its exclusivity, privacy and sense that you have your own fiefdom. However those very characteristics create a limited local economy and most of what makes life good is not available locally. As an export trader Windridge Olen Exports has on hand or immediate access to an endless array of upscale consumer goods, gourmet provisions, marine supplies and much more. In short, Windridge Olen Exports can satisfy all of your import/export needs.

As part of our Private Client Services approach to the import/export business our clients can expect:

  • Fast, efficient, courteous fulfillment of all requests.
  • A single point of contact for virtually anything required from personal goods to construction equipment significantly simplifying life in the islands.
  • Reliable and timely delivery.
  • Peace of mind dealing with a professional, proven and consistently reliable import/export service.

In a nation of islands almost everything is imported from gourmet foods to Egyptian cottons to automotive, aeronautical and marine parts. Acquiring these import goods can become a time consuming and frustrating exercise.

You can eliminate that frustration and save significant amounts of your time by making a single phone call or dropping an email to our import/export specialists at Windridge Olen Exports. Make your request and relax knowing that it will be filled to your complete satisfaction and delivered in a timely manner.

Intimate Understanding of Customs and Governmental Protocols

Living in The Bahamas has its challenges. Windridge Olen Exports has over a quarter century of experience in The Bahamas buying land, developing real estate, building marina facilities and airstrips and procuring consumer goods for their own residential and personal use.

That’s over twenty-five years of dealing with government protocols and local customs, both of which can be impediments to enjoying an exclusive lifestyle if not fully understood. Our clients benefit from those years of experience. We simplify compliance with national and local import/export protocols and our clients can expect a “no hassle” experience.