Attention to Detail – The Key to Residential Concierge Services in the Bahamas

Residential concierge services from Windridge Olen Exports go far beyond routine cleaning, lawn care and maintenance of your home in the Bahamas. Our objective is to simplify our clients’ lives by taking on the responsibility of maintaining and "managing" their residential support services freeing them to spend their time doing what’s important and enjoyable.

Our residential concierge services are comprehensive both in scope and application. For example our cleaning service includes:

  • Professional "housekeeping grade" cleaning and sanitation to include windows and window coverings
  • Full laundry services
  • Professional cleaning of all types of flooring and floor coverings (including oriental rugs)
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Deep cleaning of all appliances

Our cleaning staff is fully vetted and professionally supervised.

Attention to Detail

There is clean and then there is really clean. Obviously our objective is really clean and that can only be accomplished when the staff is focused on the task and paying attention to detail. That means no smears, no streaks, no dust and…no odors.

One area that is routinely overlooked by homeowners and cleaning services as well is the filter for your oven exhaust fan. Because the filter (and the fan) is not in line of sight it is often ignored until there is a problem. That "problem" can be as benign as an odor you can’t locate to a grease fire.

The exhaust fan is designed to vent cooking smoke (vapor) to the outside. The filter is in front of the fan to trap grease and debris preventing it from being vented into the exhaust duct where it could become a serious fire hazard.

Over time grease and debris will build up on the filter forcing the "smoke" to coat the inside of the vent hood. This creates a situation that may cause an unpleasant odor and also attracts small insects.

Cleaning a filter is a very messy job.

As part of our commitment to deliver "really clean" services we pull and clean the filter monthly and clean the inside of the vent hood as well. We use a chemical cleaner for convenience but if you prefer an all natural cleaner we can use boiling water, baking powder and vinegar to achieve the same results.

When you engage Windridge Olen Exports concierge services you are receiving real value. If you would like to discuss our cleaning service or any of our wide range of concierge services please do not hesitate to contact us.